I clearly remember that day, fishing with my father.

I was ruminating on that idea for long. I was still a kid.

At some point, the question was clear: “What should I do now? What exactly should I do now?”

I’ve always been a philosopher. And I wanted to be a writer.

I became an engineer, and I’ve probably always been that first.

At 48, I had to reinvent my life.

Now, I’ve still plenty of things in mind for the future, but all that matters is around that first question.

I’m Vico.

On this website, you’ll find a few of my notes on the human condition and the journey through it.

We can meet on Facebook and Medium, and I’d be glad to hear from you by email.

Picked from Human Core


It happens to me often, and in places considered the most boring. Today it happens here.

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Picked from Dense Words


Suppose a moment — you could free yourself — to really breathe

Not Now

The rain outside — All standing still — away from frenzy