by Ray Bilcliff, from Pexels

It seems to be at a magical intersection.

The autumn light, which makes its way down here, amid the rock walls. The trees, already multicolored. The torrent, with its icy water.

Last day of the climbing course. Here, I am alone, but a little further my companions in this short adventure play with gravity.

It’s impossible to feel more alive.

Everyone has their own definition of being alive. Mine is when you really know that you are, that you are living a special moment in your space and in your time.

It can happen anywhere, and you don’t need extraordinary adventures. It happens to me often, and in places considered the most boring. Today it happens here. And I would like it to last forever.

But it won’t be forever, and certainly, this is one of the reasons for it to be special. This torrent and these rocks will be here for a long time. I’ll be somewhere else in a few hours. I’ll be changed. I’ll be in my future, different from my past and different from now. For this canyon, the sun will rise tomorrow, calmly, at the same time, it will warm for a few hours, then again it will let shadow and silence make this place almost immortal. Some variations, from one day to another and in the seasons, which repeat from year to year. Change is a very long matter, around here.

Change in my life, however, is a matter of minutes. Here, I am actually a foreign body. Synchronizing with the time of this place is impossible. You can only contemplate it, live it and let it leave in you some beneficial trace, some detachment from worldly concerns.

Because the problem is not just time, being here or not being here.

For us humans, tomorrow cannot be ignored. I cannot ignore the thoughts that stir in my head, what makes my existence so imperfect. There is always something wrong. Sometimes it’s also serious. And you cannot ignore it indefinitely.

The light that radiates only beauty and poetry is intertwined with a grossly earthly mind. Savoring this reinvigorating air dams something ignored for now but not far. Life knows how to claim attention.

However, this moment is beneficial. I feed on these moments. I store them and let them go at the same time. They’re useful in many ways. And I know that this moment will stay with me for a long time.

It’s time to go back to my classmates. Time passes quickly for a small guest.