What’s Coming Next

Void System - courtesy of elreviae - elreviae.com

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It seems to have been a life
Maybe it was
Memories of dreams
an ascent
toward a shining void
All the details are there
like it was me
Maybe it was
of what should have been
Parallel realities
Unaware choices
Was that the right one
Maybe it was

the turn
confortable abyss
liberating madness
like a solution
Maybe it was
Now the falling
the flying
my self emerging
from the child
who thought he was right
And maybe he was

Reinventing everything
a folly
total uncertainty
wiped identity
I should feel afraid
but the shiver
is not that of fear
it’s like freedom
a thrill
What’s coming next
Am I wrong
to feel good
Was this blank necessary
Maybe it was.

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