My Last Day Before Lockdown

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Starting tomorrow, locked again at home for weeks, maybe months.

After a difficult year, returning to stay indoors will be challenging even for a home-office rat like me.

I, therefore, decided to spend this day in the park, a place that always gives me beautiful hours, enabling self-regeneration.

It’s a wonderful Autumn day. Fresh air, sun warming with discretion.

Yet, at this precise point, it sounds like it’s raining. It’s leaves incessantly falling from the countless surrounding trees.

Some of these trees were probably here since before I was born. And they’ll probably still be here when I’m gone. However, I have seen the leaves be born, show themselves in their full vigor, and now lavishly return to the earth.

Nature is excellent at giving perspective to things, inside and outside. You return to the essential facts of existence, and, if you’re open to it, you can access your most authentic self, and start from there.

In this wonderful place, this day of freedom takes on an even more special value due to the uniqueness of the moment. It’s beautiful, but it won’t come back. When a similar one returns, it will be different, under different circumstances. Maybe the same trees, but indeed not the same leaves. Not the same perspective on the future, not the same memories.

Until, sooner or later, the next one won’t be there.

It’s so easy to forget, when we know that tomorrow will be similar to today. The value of the present day, with its opportunities, the wonder of being alive, together with what surrounds us, is here regardless of tomorrow. We have it in front of us, yet we forget it so easily.

It seems that, to appreciate the value of things, we need to have their uniqueness clear. Knowing that this is the last day of a series, or the only one, makes it seem more important than others, but the truth is that yesterday was as valuable as today and that tomorrow, although different, will also be.

Of course, today, I have the opportunity of being here, something denied to many others, and that will also be denied to myself in many other circumstances and, sooner or later, forever.

And the best way to celebrate this day, like all the other days when you are lucky enough to be able to do it, is to be there, to live, without letting invented obstacles stand between the life you think you are destined to live and the one in which you risk imprisoning yourself.

I can’t imagine passing the time. Wasting time is an insult to what’s most precious to us.

But listening to the leaves falling, letting the sun warm you, remembering to be here… Well, that’s a whole different thing.

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